Friday, December 11, 2009

{ PALM SPRINGS } The Parker + Rancho Mirage + Amazing Clients = One Happy Wedding Planner

Sarah + Clark's fabulous Mexico venue (above)
The Parker Palm Springs

Honestly, where do I start? It's been quite the week.
It's been quite a blur. You know it's bad when you're not quite sure what day it is right? This is what I remember: Stuck in the snow for 6.5 hours, Jennifer standing in the fresh powder laughing, Kimberly + Rob, San Francisco, Christine + Aldo, Sarah + Clark, Brooke + Jan, airplane, The Parker Palm Springs, TONS of calls to Mexico and a glass of Rombauer Chardonnay. Yep, that sums up my week. Every last minute was incredible. The kind of incredible you feel when you have to pinch yourself because your clients are just too good to be true.
Friday was definitely fabulous. Flew into Palm Springs to meet my incredibly stunning, sweet and gorgeous couple. I could go on about them for days, really, I could. And my brides Mom + Dad, lets just say I have a feeling I may break my rule of "no drinking at my events." I need to have a margarita with Dad, I will find the time. ( Are you listening Sarah? Can I have permission?)

My favorite things encompassed this quick 24 hour trip to the desert. Planning a celebration of love is, of course, an honor. But when you meet a couple that's number one concern is their guests...well, they stole my heart. This wedding is going to be an honor for us to plan and attend. You know it when you see it, the loving glances, the gentle squeeze of the knee, the excitement in Mom and Dad's eyes, and to top it off a groom who's grin spreads ear to ear and says to you, "I am so excited now!" Music to my ears.

After my short flight to Palm Springs I headed to the newly renovated, highly desired Parker Hotel. I was not disappointed. Funky, eclectic, sassy. I felt as if I was in the middle of cheeky Rat Pack movie, as if Dean Martin or Sammy Davis would be basking in the the desert sun the moment I stepped out into the sunshine. Of course I love the aesthetics, but the staff is perfection and most importantly, not scripted.

So back in Sacramento, but I will take with me what "Dad" said, "Look at her! She loves this!" I thought about that statement the entire drive back to the hotel. I DO love "this." The chaos, the running around, the 24 hour trips to different states, the OCD personality in me that comes out when I find the slightest flaw...but at the end of every event I do LOVE "this."

I am one happy planner.


martha said...

Oh, I wish I could just climb in your suitcase everytime!

Chrisy said...

Can't wait! We'll see you in Hawaii Martha =)