Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{ ASK AWAY } Martha Andrews

For the past few weeks I have been rounding up some of thee best wedding professionals and destination wedding vendors Northern California has to offer. They will be answering some of the many questions we receive. A fresh perspective and different accounting from someone other than us will be, well in my mind, fabulous. We know you will think so too!
Here is your chance to ask those questions that you just quite aren't getting the answers to in the magazines or Internet! Do you sometimes think you don't have the right to ask certain questions, or maybe don't have the gumption that day? If so please, ASK AWAY....

It's no secret that I have an incredible partner in designing heaven with Martha Andrews! I knew the moment I contacted her that she would take time out of her busy schedule to be our first post. We value her opinion, honesty and ridiculous talent more than I can articulate which is why we're presenting her to you today.
What do you believe is the most important aspect when choosing a florist?
When selecting your florist, the most important factor, like any relationship, is trust. It is very easy for a bride to get caught up in a flower she loves and focus all her decor thoughts on that. She should actually keep her thoughts on the big picture. Let your florist know about that flower then, after careful interviewing, trust that her florist will create the look she loves.

I want a specific flower, why can't I have it?
Mother Nature is fickle and the one flower you love just might not cooperate with your wedding date. If you can find a designer that you can trust to capture you and your vision, even though that flower might not be there day of, the look and feel that you get from that flower will!

I want to get the most out of my consultation with my florist. What should I do to prepare?
I tell my brides to come in with pictures, inspiration pieces, i.e. Grandma's broach, a wooden box they found at a tag sale, a piece of glass from Italy, etc....Anything that helps convey what you want to see on your wedding day. All these items help me get a feel for who the bride is and what look she loves. Also be sure to bring a photo of your dress. I always start with the dress. In many ways it is the centerpiece of the wedding and really the starting point of the brides style.

What happens when I don't have a vision in my head, but I know what I like and don't like?
Often my brides will come in and tell me, "I really don't know what I like, or there is SO much that I like," but once we start talking, lay out all of the pictures they have brought, often a vision comes out. They will see they really do have a theme, they just needed some guidance to see it.
Another thing I ask my bride is to give me a sentence or a phrase to convey the theme of their day, i.e. rustic charm, vintage chic, classic modern, down home comfy...catch words that again convey what they like to feel on their wedding day. From there I can begin to create and this is where the trust comes in. A bride needs to meet with a few florists and choose the one that "gets them." Then, as hard as it may be, let it go and trust their designer to bring to life their vision.

Time after time I hear, "that's exactly what I wanted only better!" or "you really got ME!" This is what you want to hear as a designer.
Final Tips:
When picking your venue, keep your total budget in mind. You may find a gorgeous venue, but if it eats up too much of your budget you won't have enough left over to adorn it. If you spend too much on your venue and leave nothing for your decor you are left with a sterile wedding. Nothing says "this is us" more than your big day. It's better to choose a less expensive venue that leaves you plenty of room for decor. It will look so much better, finished, and like your own!

Keep in mind the floral budget should be 10-15% of your total budget. Allow more if you would like to see lighting or draping. Remember it's all in the details. Details speak volumes and really polish your event!