Monday, September 28, 2009

{ IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GUY } Meet R. Douglas

{Photography courtesy of R. Douglas}

How about this for some Monday eye candy? Designer, Ryan Hammonds and his sharp, incredible style are beyond drool worthy. I'm not just talking wedding suits ladies and gentlemen. I know for the fact that The Deputy would flip if he had his own custom made suit (*note to self) to wear on date night, special events, etc. Ryan's eye for detail, exceptional quality, gorgeous choice of fabrics from only the best textile mills are reason enough to consider your own custom suit. Add your individual style and voice to the design and you've got a suit tailored perfectly to your lifestyle and personality.

I sound like an ad, I know, but that's how smoking hot these suits are. Throw in our clients with personal experience of R. Douglas and I personally am in designer heaven.


Jennifer said...

These are amazing!

Chrisy said...

What a difference a hand crafted suit makes. These are beautiful.

Alison Ulshoffer Events & Design said...

Cosmos will be wearing his custom suite this weekend, I can't wait to see it.