Monday, September 28, 2009

{ IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GUY } Meet R. Douglas

{Photography courtesy of R. Douglas}

How about this for some Monday eye candy? Designer, Ryan Hammonds and his sharp, incredible style are beyond drool worthy. I'm not just talking wedding suits ladies and gentlemen. I know for the fact that The Deputy would flip if he had his own custom made suit (*note to self) to wear on date night, special events, etc. Ryan's eye for detail, exceptional quality, gorgeous choice of fabrics from only the best textile mills are reason enough to consider your own custom suit. Add your individual style and voice to the design and you've got a suit tailored perfectly to your lifestyle and personality.

I sound like an ad, I know, but that's how smoking hot these suits are. Throw in our clients with personal experience of R. Douglas and I personally am in designer heaven.

Monday, September 21, 2009

{ A BEAUTIFUL LIFE } Today's Must Have List of Beautiful Things!

I am so thrilled we will be designing a vintage French wedding next year that I can barely stand it! Vintage is of course very popular right now, but FRENCH vintage, ohh la la! I have to admit vintage can sometimes be over done when not done correctly. Wedding trends come and go and right now we do have several requests to design in this style, it's definitely in demand.
These are my new "must haves" for Erica's French vintage inspired wedding from The Beautiful Life. Have a peek at Ruth Harsham's amazing collection of beautiful things! Incredible!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

{ ETSY FIND! } Small Adventures!

It's no secret that I'm a stalker of all things ETSY. If you have never headed over to their site, it's a MUST see. Tons and tons of incredibly talented artisans with unique ideas and fabulous wares. Have a peek at Small Adventures new product....these felt envelopes are so sweet!
I always stress adding something personal to your event or wedding. This is a fabulous idea right? I think we all have, either in our personal life or with clients, a sense of uniqueness whether we know how to channel it or not! With these I'm thinking a sweet note to your guests tucked away inside. What a genuinely beautiful gesture to add to your wedding reception, or any event for that matter!
Think outside the box , create something that is genuinely you and watch the reaction you get from your friends and family. We all go to dozens of weddings, but which ones stand out? I would be willing to bet it's the events that show the couple put time and effort into reminding you how important you are to them. Forgo the "favors" and take the time to do something personal...Cheers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

{ KAREN + GABE } E Session

Holy on earth do I end up with thee most gorgeous couples? Received an email that Karen + Gabe's E session by Tinywater Photography was hot off the press and I couldn't get these up fast enough! A little history about my dynamic pair, Karen contacted me when she was sill living in New York City, preparing to move to Sacramento, and we hit it off immediately. Throw in Gabe and I was in wedding planner heaven! They are so darn fun, full of life and energy that our "appointments" turn into three hour visits! I love it! Gabe is a champ of all grooms, this man is so in love with his fiance...I anticipate magic at their ceremony.
We've put together an amazing ensemble of Sacramento's best vendors, including Tinywater Photography, Carissa Jones, and Martha Andrews to name a few. My team and I are beyond excited for this wedding, it will be phenomenal! Cheers!

Monday, September 7, 2009

{ ALOHA! } Hawaii with Jasmine

The St. Regis terrace overlooking Hanalei Bay
Jasmines poolside reception location.

Finally putting our feet in the sand after a very long day of vendor appointments!

This week we are on the beautiful garden island of Kaua'i with our sweet bride Jasmine. We decided to take a quick trip over to have a look at her amazing venue, The St. Regis Princeville. We were not disappointed. Previously known as the The Princeville Resort, Starwood Luxury purchased the property a few years ago and the refacing began. It is simply breathtaking.
Destination weddings are always such a joy and honor to produce. When you are lucky enough to be hired by such a lovely couple as Jasmine + Ying are, it simply makes that much better! We laughed, joked, sat in our condo creating her website, and even found time to stop for mai tai's and fruity blended drinks!
When Jasmine + Ying asked me to choose the island, I KNEW Kauai would be the perfect fit for them. They are so incredibly in love, have an enormous sense of family, and their quiet nature and sophistication is perfect for the St. Regis.

Without giving too much away, I will share with you that Jasmine has chosen at team of vendors that are so important to her she decided to bring them to Kauai with her. Martha Andrews, Penny Sylvia and my team will be creating a unique, gorgeous, fun filled week for their families and we cannot wait to come back and share the joy with them all.

I have so many pictures I could post, but I don't want to take away from the beautiful simplicity of the week here with Jasmine. I also wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of this amazing island for the rest of her bridal party and guests!
Much Aloha....

Friday, September 4, 2009

{ SWEET FIND! } Bakerella

On the list of things to do today:
1. Pack for Kauai
2. Finish this weekends wedding itinerary
3. Return emails + phone calls
4. Make GIANT posters for my son's football game....yes, I'm the Mom that likes to embarass her son!
5. Clean house
6. Moose + Chachi to the dog park
7. Make a scrumptious dinner
8. Gym
9. Pick up Jordan from football practice

I've posted a few DIY projects in the past that I thought you would all love. This one is to die for! Bakerella is one of my absolute favorite blogs when I need some sweet inspiration. So head on over to her blog and let me know what you think...and if you make some of her scrumptious treats we wouldn't mind taste testing them for you!