Sunday, August 23, 2009

{ BAT CAKES COUTURE } by Satanica

{Photo's courtesy of Stephanie Williams Photography}

While I won't tell you which of my clients will be wearing birdcage veils (just in case there's a nosy groom reading!), I will tell you that Satantica's collection Bat Cakes Couture has just be come my new obsession.

Lisa* sent me the link this past week to share the excitement of her ETSY find, and I could not be more grateful! While there are many new designers that have tapped into the bridal hair accessory world, Satantica clearly has the eye for these Victorian inspired wares using high quality fabrics. I've been eye-balling a pale pink comb myself! I think it would be perfect for my and The Deputy's wedding anniversary at the Moss Beach Distillery, no?

I believe it is so important to add an element of your personality to your wedding trousseau. I get asked all the time if "this or that" is appropriate and my answer is always the same. "Do what you feel is right and represents you." I am so in love with artists such as Bat Cakes Couture, Ban-Do and Twigs & Honey because these are clearly designers who embrace the concept of femininity, gorgeousness and individuality. Have a peek and see if they inspire you as well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today's post is for all of you dog lovers that treat their pets like know who you are! I'm not talking fashion, design or even weddings today. For the past two days I've been taking a step back and working from home (aka the beautiful backyard The Deputy designed and built for me.) Every once in a while heading into the studio just doesn't seem appealing. So meet Moose + Chachi! My "office-mates" for the past few days! Isn't it amazing how our four-legged friends have the ability to make us smile?

Some of you know my "previous life" as I like to call it was in law enforcement. I have NEVER liked small dogs. I've been a lab and shepherd kind of girl since I can remember. Chachi, my chihuahua is a product of that previous life I mentioned. While on an assignment this little 1.7lb, nearly hairless, covered in fleas with ribs protruding from his side little BEAST tried to attack me when I entered his, not-so-law-abiding ,owners home. I gave his previous owners a few "options" with regards to animal cruelty.....they opted to give me "Charlie" as they called him in lieu of jail time....I don't think rescue dogs ever forget that you saved them....

Moose or "dumb-dumb" as The Deputy lovingly calls him is our 115lb+ labrador we got from a local law enforcement colleague. As soon as we saw him we realized why he was the LAST one to be chosen from the litter! Feet the size of saucers, but the most beautiful green eyes we had ever seen! So several pairs of chewed up shoes later, a little adjustment time with Chachi (who's completely in charge of the duo) and we have our dynamic pair.

My friend Penny was over visiting one day, and for those of you that know her, she can't resist photos of dogs! And we're so glad she did! Hope my little/big guys gave you a smile....thanks Penny!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

{ FUNDRAISER } 2nd Annual Community Wine Social

We are so so excited to be a sponsoring and coordinating the 2nd Annual Wine Social this year! Last years event was amazing! So many supporters and local community leaders came out and helped make last years wine social an amazing success. We have many of the same wineries, restraunts and local business owners lending thier support to such a great cause. We're honored to have them come back this year, not to mention all the new sponsors that have asked US to be a part of this beautiful event.

More to come when we finish up our list of sponsors......CHEERS!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{ STYLE ME PRETTY } Featured Wedding Today!

Cheers to my staff, Penny Sylvia and to Kelleigh + Adam! We are the featured wedding today that Abby Larson hand picked for Style Me Pretty. There has been such great reader response from both vendors, brides and those simply looking for some inspiration. This is positively one of my favoite sites and more importantly Kelleigh's favorites. I couldn't wait to tell her that her wedding was featured.

Have a look and let us know what you think...Cheers!