Tuesday, July 7, 2009

{ WORKING ON DETAILS } The Back Porch Shop

I keep getting asked "what's with the lack of blogging lately Alison!?!" I know, I know....i've been horrible lately! Here's one of the reasons: working on the details! One thing we pride ourselves on is the details for each individual couple. That my friends takes time. I will always say how "it's all in the details," but when I say this I mean individual details for individual couples.
This year I have brides + grooms with such an amazing plethera of hobbies, talents, careers and love stories. So alot of our time is allocated towards finding the details that fit within their personalities, and it's so much fun I tell you!

Here's what I found to day for Sean + Monica! They will be getting married at a gorgeous 1940's beach house past Bodega Bay. I've used surf boards in the past, and today stumbled upon The Back Porch Shop who make so many great items! Perfect for their beach house wedding! The surf board definitely more Hawaiian that I will probably save for next year...but how great are these signs? Enjoy!


bloomsbymartha said...

You are the detail girl! It's what makes you fabulous.

Memento - Terri said...

I love the surfboard. It looks like you found some great items that are perfect for a beach themed wedding.

Jen Stewart Photography said...

What FUN wedding details, and Bodega Bay.... beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the wedding photos.