Thursday, July 30, 2009

{ SCRUMPTIOUS! } Paulette Macarons

I love anyone who is passionate about what they do. Paulette Koumetz is no exception. Last week while in San Francisco I stopped in her new shop....ahhhh-maaazing! AND you can order online for shipping straight to your door when you realize you just didn't get enough!

If you truly want to add a special touch and to cater to your guests give Paulette a call or visit her website. I would, however, stop in her new San Francisco location in the Hayes Valley and admire the her gorgeous shop. She also has coffee and tea for you to enjoy and boxes up those macarons in such a lovely way. Cheers!


Emily Heizer said...

OH, how I ADORE parisian macaroons.... I spent weeks last Christmas trying to make them as perfectly as the experts do. I managed to create some that tasted great, but really did not have that pretty heighth and perfect form shown here... I"ll put the shop on my to-do list for the next time I am out there. :)

Anonymous said...

Macarron towers are definitely a great addition to any weddings. They simply look good! They also work quite well as decorative pieces, easy to work with. not sure if I'd be able able to make my own though... I'll probably end up eating all of them!