Friday, July 10, 2009


I SERIOUSLY cannot stand the show "Bridezilla!" But let me tell you, they are out there! None of my clients are of course =) Take the quiz below and see if what category you fall into, just for fun of course....

1. You have to take time out of your workday for wedding stuff. So you:

A) Tackle it all during your lunch hour. (2 pt.)

B) Deal with a crisis as it comes up, even if it means skipping out for an afternoon. (3 pt.)

C) Take care of the easy stuff quickly and deal with the tough stuff after work. (1 pt.)

2. A bridesmaid is really concerned about the costs of being one of your lucky ladies. How do you handle it?

A) Totally empathize, apologize and then offer to pay for her portion for everything. (1 pt.)

B) Tell her she doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid if she can’t afford it. (3 pt.)

C) Ask her to swing the money for the dress, but tell her no wedding or shower gifts or splurges on a bachelorette party are necessary. (2 pt.)

3. Your parents agree to pay for the wedding, but you feel as though your in-laws should chip in. So you:

A) Talk to your fiance about the situation and brainstorm solutions together. (2 pt.)

B) Just let it go. If his parents really do want to contribute, you’re sure they will offer. (1 pt.)

C) Call them yourself and explain that you think it’s only fair that they give some $$$. (3 pt.)

4. You and your groom decided to have two different cake flavors. He wants one of the flavors to be pistachio. But you hate it! What do you do?

A) Insist on doing a lemon cake. (3 pt.)

B) Suggest the idea of doing a groom’s cake so he can have his pistachio favorite. (2 pt.)

C) Agree to the green cake. (1 pt.)

5. The flowers for your wedding are important to you. How many florists do you feel like you should meet with before choosing the right one?

A) One to two. (1 pt.)

B) Three to five. (2 pt.)

C) Five to ten. (3 pt.)

6. Your future mother-in-law asks you to make time at the reception for a mother-son dance. You respond with:

A) “We just don’t have the time for it.” (3 pt.)

B) “Why don’t you and Greg join my dad and me toward the end of our song?” (2 pt.)

C) “Hey, that’s so cute! Okay!” (1 pt.)

7. Your fiance planned a weekend away, but you wanted to take your friends to look at bridesmaid dresses. You:

A) Reschedule with your girlfriends. (2 pt.)

B) Decide your girlfriends can go without you. Just tell them what color you want. (1 pt.)

C) Think he’s being really inconsiderate. You have so much planning to do and don’t have time to escape for the weekend. (3 pt.)

8. You’ve talked to the florist about what you want for your wedding. But when you show up to see the sample centerpieces, they look completely wrong. What do you do?

A) Unleash all of your fury on her, demanding that she needs to come up with something much better to show you… in two days. (3 pt.)

B) You sit down with her, explain exactly what’s wrong and tell her you’re going to email her some images of what you do want. (2 pt.)

C) You don’t want to hurt her feelings, so you tell her that it looks really nice, make some suggestions and decide to trust her. (1 pt.)

9. You’re looking at invitations, which are a lot more expensive than you had anticipated. The stationer tells you a few ways you can cut costs, but it means not getting the look you’d always envisioned. You decide to:

A) Switch gears completely and come up with a new concept for the invitation. (1 pt.)

B) Take a couple of the stationer’s suggestions, getting it as close as you can to the look you wanted without busting your budget. (2 pt.)

C) Start interviewing new stationers - you’re not going to change your whole design based on this stationer’s ridiculous bid! (3 pt.)

10. You had your heart set on going to Vegas for a bachelorette weekend, but one of your bridesmaids is pregnant and another can’t afford the big trip. You tell your friends:

A) You’d rather just do something low-key and close by, and then suggest maybe doing a girl’s trip to Sin City some other time. (2 pt.)

B) Whatever they want to do is fine; you don’t really care. They can decide. (1 pt.)

C) You still want to go to Vegas. You also suggest doing a second, smaller bachelorette party in town so the other two girls can go. (3 pt.)

11. You find out that some of the groomsmen are planning to speak at the rehearsal dinner. You’d like your bridesmaids to do the same. So how do you go about asking them?

A) You send an email explaining that there will be some time for them to make a toast at the rehearsal dinner if they want to. (2 pt.)

B) Ask your maid of honor to tell the other girls that you’d like them all to say a little something about you at the rehearsal dinner. (3 pt.)

C) You can’t ask. They probably know how these things work, so if they have something to say, you assume they’ll get up and say it. (1 pt.)

12. Your mom has been looking all over for a dark pink mother-of-the-bride dress, but she can’t seem to find anything that she likes. Recognizing her stress, you tell her:

A) “Mom, I’m sorry, but I just have so much going on, and I can’t be worrying about your outfit to. You’ll find something.” (3 pt.)

B) “If you’re having trouble finding a dark pink dress, just get whatever color you like.” (1 pt.)

C) “Okay, don’t worry; we’ll find something. I’ll go with you this weekend, and if we have to try out other colors, we’ll do that.” (2 pt.)

13. Ever since you’re been in high school, you’ve known what you wanted your wedding song to be. But your man thinks it’s cheesy. What do you do?

A) Give up immediately and tell him to just go ahead and pick his favorite song. (1 pt.)

B) Decide that you’ll sit down together and find a first-dance song that you’ll both love. (2 pt.)

C) Since you care way more about the first-dance song than he does, state your case and beg him to come around for as long as it takes. (3 pt.)

14. The countdown is on, and to get ready for the wedding day, you’re:

A) Working with a trainer and a nutritionist to lose weight and get totally ripped. (2 pt.)B) Cutting out carbs completely, working out for hours every day and getting monthly facials and deep-conditioning treatments. (3 pt.)

C) Trying to watch what you eat and drink so that you don’t gain any weight. (1 pt.)

15. The DJ or band sends you a list of the songs they can play prior to your wedding. You take that list and:

A) List the genres you’re into and then tell the DJ or band to play a mix of those. (1 pt.)

B) Create a specific playlist for the DJ or band that they have to follow to a tee. (3 pt.)

C) Pick out the styles of music you and your fiance are into as well as a few must-play songs, give that to the DJ or band and relax. (2 pt.)

16. Your save-the-date cards arrive, and you realize that the font color is more olive than light green. So you:

A) Call up the company and demand that they print new ones (for free) with a font color that’s closer to the exact shade you wanted. (3 pt.)

B) Decide the olive isn’t so bad - you’re the only one who’d really notice anyway. (1 pt.)

C) Send them out but decide to explore some other font colors (just in case) before ordering the actual invitations. (2 pt.)

17. You’ve had a hard time finding the perfect wedding dress. Finally, you see “the one,” but it’s way more expensive than what your mother (who’s buying it) wanted to spend. What do you do?

A) Buy the dress and tell your mom that maybe her budget was just a bit too low. (3 pt.)

B) Get the dress and pay for the balance over what your mom was able to spend… but you keep that little detail to yourself. (2 pt.)

C) Decide to find a dress that looks similar but isn’t quite as expensive. (1 pt.)

18. You’re a huge fan of lamb, but neither your fiance nor his mother can stand it, and they think that other gussts may not like it either. So you:

A) Decide to serve it anyways because it’s your favorite food - and it is your big day. (3 pt.)

B) Compromise and serve lamb skewers at the cocktail hour but not as a main dish. (2 pt.)

C) Skip the lamb choice altogether. They’re probably right anyway. (1 pt.)

19. Should your bridesmaids match?

A) Oh, yes, absolutely - everything from their hairstyles down to their shoes. (3 pt.)

B) For the most part they should. Their dresses should be the same color and fabric, but the styles can be slightly different cuts. (2 pt.)

C) No, of course not. They should do whatever they feel like doing, as long as their dresses are pretty much the same color. (! pt.)

20. Your guy really wants to plan the honeymoon, especially since he sees the work you’ve been doing for the wedding. You tell him:

A) You know he’ll pick something amazing and you can’t wait to be surprised. (1 pt.)

B) You’d just like him to run all of the details by you before he books anything. (3 pt.)

C) How appreciative you are but that you want to help decide where you’re going. (2 pt.)

21. The night before your wedding, you see yourself:

A) Having a great time mingling at the rehearsal dinner but getting to bed pretty early. (2 pt.)

B) Making frantic phone calls to all your vendors to reconfirm your earlier reconfirmation so you’re positive they won’t be late. (3 pt.)

C) Remembering you left your veil at a friend’s house. But instead of calling her, you’ll doze off, confident she’ll bring it tomorrow. (1 pt.)

The Gambler: 21 to 35 points
You want a fun, beautiful wedding as much as the next girl, but you’re not willing to give up your life or your sanity to make it happen. You’re there to marry the man you love. While your laissez-faire attitude is refreshing, it’s the “whatever” brides that usually wind up being disappointed: Important details get missed, bridesmaids are unclear on their roles or Mom take over and creates the kind of wedding you really didn’t want. The Zen attitude is fine, but don’t leave too much to chance.

The Handler: 36 to 50 points
Wedding planning might not be taking over your life, but you understand that it does require organization - if you’re going to spend money on flowers and food, you want to make sure that it’s done right. Still, you’re a bride in balance: In the end, you know the day will be great, but it doesn’t have to be “perfect.” So you give your bridesmaids direction but also cut them some slack; you convey a clear vision to the vendors but are flexible. And you’re planning your wedding day with your fiance because you know this relationship is what it’s all about, not registries and centerpieces.

The Bridezilla: 51 to 63 points
Hey, it’s great that you’re so organized, but you’re probably driving people crazy! Yes, you want things to be perfect, and yes, it’s “your time,” but you’ve got to ease up a bit. No matter how specific you are with directions or how much money you’ve spent, your wedding day will be what it will be. But afterward, you’re going to have to deal with your friends and husband. Take a step back and ask yourself why you’re being so crazy and anal. No one will be as hard on your wedding as you are, and if you’re so busy stressing about the details, you won’t even get to enjoy this very special time.