Tuesday, May 26, 2009


At 6am sharp Brennda and I will be off on a jet plane to the beautiful island of Kauai. I will do my best to post while there! As I finish up last minute details, check and triple check the itinerary and timeline, I started thinking about my negligence in posting about destination weddings!

So here's a few tips I always like to share. I think I will focus on the "last minute" details such as the few I will be dealing with today:

Hopefully you've been fortunate enough to interview your vendors ahead of time, whether via telephone, Skype or in person and should be feeling confident about the team you've choosen. Constant correspondence with your vendors is key. During the last weeks leading up to your wedding, be sure to get your itinerary and vendor contact list together. I ALWAYS put together a list of the vendors we will be using and distribute that list to each and every vendor. Your caterer, florists, lighting company and officiant will greatly appreciate it, trust me! The last thing your vendors want to do is chase you around during your wedding or reception to ask questions.

Customize your itinerary with your photographer. He/She will have their own schedule they will be following. You are guaranteed a much more cohesive day if everyone is on "the same page."

If you don't have an event planner or coordinator, ask your band or DJ to keep things moving on schedule. These are one of the FIRST people who should receive your itinerary. Your musical group will be instrumental in keeping the reception flowing in a timely manner. They will cue you for your first dance, cake cutting, etc.

Schedule your appointment to apply for your marriage license before you leave. Each state and country has specific policies and procedures. Be sure to look into it as soon as you decide to have a destination wedding!

With airlines changing their policies regarding baggage on what seems a weekly basis, it would benefit you to look into luggage costs. If you will be taking over several items that you didn't want to chance shipping, make sure you're at your 50lb per bag and are prepared to pay extra if you go over the weight maximum.
Delegate someone to get your rentals (i.e linens) returned should they need to be shipped and ask that this person square up any details the next day.
I suppose the point is make yourself a list and check it twice....or five times! A little organization and a lot of due diligence will ensure a smooth wedding and enable you to love every moment. Remember, you're getting married! Keep in perspective what the big picture is and enjoy each and every moment. You won't be getting that moment back, so go with the flow, trust the team of vendors you've hired and be loved. Happy Planning!

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