Sunday, April 19, 2009

AU Loves { Penny Sylvia Photography }

Penny Sylvia Photography, I'm smitten! This woman is ridiculously talented and every time I sneak on over to her blog I fall deeper in love with her work! I am so insanely excited to be working with her this summer and on an upcoming project that my smile is a mile wide, seriously it is =)

While I'm on the subject of photography, I will throw a few tips out there. Research your photographer as you would any other vendor. You wouldn't hire a caterer if you only "kind of" liked their food but like their prices right? Sometimes it takes a while to find that fit. But I promise you, it's so worth the time and effort finding the perfect photographer!

Your photographs are the one tangible thing you will have after your wedding. The flowers will be wilted & gone, the linens returned....but the photos capturing your day will be what sits on your coffee table, gracing your first Christmas Cards, etc. Spend the time, do the research, discover the style that you like...I promise it's well worth it!

Reputable photographers book out well past a year, so book them and book them fast if you find that perfect fit! Happy Planning....

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