Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your Best Face Forward

So for the past several weeks, my naturally gorgeous bride Christina has been completely (rightfully so) stressed about the make up for her March wedding. She saw a total of 3 "make-up" artists. Needless to say, none gave her the look she had been dreaming of in her mind. Thankfully, the always amazing Amy Branum of Glow Esthetics came to Christina's rescue and gave her the exact look she was going for!

I bring this up because I want all you brides to keep this in mind: When you meet a make up artist, make sure you are speaking the same language. Your "cat-eye" may not be the same as your stylist. Your "smoky" might mean a deep shade of grey as opposed to a deep shade of charcoal. The best way to prevent miscommunication is to take pictures with you to your consultation. And always keep in mind, we all have different shapes, colors and qualities that may not work well with the style you've choosen.
If you find a stylist, be it hair or make-up, simply look for their techniques. If you believe it's just a miscommunication in style, that can be rectified. Most importantly, make sure you have great rapport with him/her....that is equally as important! Happy Planning!

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