Monday, February 23, 2009

My Obsession with { Rachelle Stogner }

So it's not secret that I'm a HUGE fan of Rachelle Photography, in fact I stalk the girl and her amazing images. I positively cannot wait to work with her again! Rachelle will be doing the Alison Ulshoffer Events team photo shoot, and I am beside myself excited. Now if we can just get the rain to stop!

These gorgeous florals were done by one of my personal favorite's, Shannon of Flourish. And of course my favorite flower the cymbidium orchid!

If you're looking for phenomenal vendors for your big day, wedding, social or must call these two! Does their work not speak for itself? Happy Planning...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{ Dr. Tom Hopkins } Spring Fling

Earlier in the year, Dr. Tom Hopkins of KCRA 3 asked me to design and plan his 1st Annual Spring Fling. All proceeds of his invite only party will be going to the American Juvenile Diabetes Association, a foundation close to my heart.

We will be holding his event on the Roof Top Terrace above the Sacramento Grand Ballroom which has sweeping views of the downtown cityscape. Dr. Hopkins is going all out with gorgeous fabrics, phenomenal food and beverage, and "a-list" service for his guests. He's infusing his personality into every element of his event. From the private organza draped lounge cabanas, to the butler style hosting, this event is going to be absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{ News 10 } Photo Shoot

Anne of The Memory Journalists sent over these photos from the News 10 feature last week, so I wanted to get them up. I really want to recognize all the amazing vendors that put such an amazing table together.
Martha Andrews of Blooms

Tanya from River City Cakes made these amazing mini's. We ate them after....scrumptious!

Thanks again to Brad from Celebrations Party Rental. The segment will be airing during the morning show on February 16th on News 10! Thanks again everyone!

Getting Married : Kelleigh + Adam 7.11.09

So this adorable voice is on the other line when I answer the phone. The kind of voice that you know is just a simply sweet person (you know it when you hear it).....So Ms. Kelleigh asks me if I'm available for her July 11th wedding in Lake Tahoe. I regretably tell her I'm not. Then I start thinking, "Well, I could send Andrea if that is an option for you." She quickly responds that it is.
Kelleigh and her equally beautiful mom come in a week later to meet Andrea and myself. Andrea and I both instantly fall in love with them! Kelleigh and Adam's wedding is going to be full of personal touches, a beautiful family and a day that will be forever embraced by her family and friends. The amazing Penny Sylvia of Penny Sylvia Photography will without a doubt capture the beauty that is this gorgeous couple.
Congratulations Kelleigh + Adam! We're so blessed to be a part of your big day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your Best Face Forward

So for the past several weeks, my naturally gorgeous bride Christina has been completely (rightfully so) stressed about the make up for her March wedding. She saw a total of 3 "make-up" artists. Needless to say, none gave her the look she had been dreaming of in her mind. Thankfully, the always amazing Amy Branum of Glow Esthetics came to Christina's rescue and gave her the exact look she was going for!

I bring this up because I want all you brides to keep this in mind: When you meet a make up artist, make sure you are speaking the same language. Your "cat-eye" may not be the same as your stylist. Your "smoky" might mean a deep shade of grey as opposed to a deep shade of charcoal. The best way to prevent miscommunication is to take pictures with you to your consultation. And always keep in mind, we all have different shapes, colors and qualities that may not work well with the style you've choosen.
If you find a stylist, be it hair or make-up, simply look for their techniques. If you believe it's just a miscommunication in style, that can be rectified. Most importantly, make sure you have great rapport with him/her....that is equally as important! Happy Planning!

Creative Proposal

This may be one of the cutest proposal ideas I've ever seen! It may not have worked on a slow coffee drinker like myself— I tend to leave a few sips in my morning mug, too! [via smitten]